The Pig Tree

Welcome to the brand new home of Pig Tree Press, a tiny independent press created to publish very special picture books for young children and the young at heart.

We are delighted to announce that Pig Tree’s very first offering, The Extremely Strange Story of Ermintrude Bold, is now available from Amazon!


The Extremely Strange Story of Ermintrude Bold is a little story in verse, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, that can be read on two levels. The first describes a series of magical mishaps by a wizard whose spells don’t always come about in the way he intends.

The second is a gentle metaphor that works as an alternative to a religious or atheistic explanation of where we go when we die, but both end with Ermintrude’s secret wish coming true.

Ermintrude and her great-granddaughter Minnie visit the wizard who lives on the hill, hoping he’ll invent a spell to make Ermintrude’s secret wish come true. Things, however, don’t go quite according to plan…

Here’s a little peep between the covers…


This is the story of Ermintrude Bold
A great-grannie one hundred and twenty years old.
Said Ermintrude, “Minnie, I’m not very pleased,
I’ve aches in my shoulders, my back and my knees,
But I don’t need the doctor – I’m just ancient, not ill –
I know! We’ll visit the wizard who lives on the hill!”



Now the wizard was good at his job – he was clever
He made carrots grow large and adjusted the weather
He made straight hair grow curly and curly hair straight
And invented a spell to fix Farmer Crow’s gate.



They started to walk as she hadn’t a donkey
But her shoulders and knees came over all wonky
And the hill was too steep for a very old lady
So they had a short rest by a tree that was shady.


I hope you love the preview! The Extremely Strange Story of Ermintrude Bold was written and illustrated by Penny Cline and has 40 pages with 18 full colour illustrations.

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